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Copyright Licence - PR, Advertising & Marketing Agencies

ContentAccess copyright licence is the copyright licence which been custom designed to suit the needs of PR, Marketing and Ad Agencies. It grants your agency the rights to legally copy and communicate published content internally, and externally to clients.

Public relations firms, marketing consultancies and advertising agencies operate as platform, connecting clients, business partners, networks and consumers. While your agency’s primary function is creating proprietary output, sourcing, reusing and sharing third party material is standard for both the creative process and business intelligence. A copyright licence is required when using publishing content or other third party copyright material; scanning, emailing, digitally storing, faxing, photocopying, forwarding, including in reports or posting to web or intranet. Common examples are listed below.

Client pitches: using images and text from media when pitching to a client in electronic powerpoint or hardcopy storyboards.

Competitive intelligence: collating competitor ads, product reviews, relevant articles, industry news and other material. This is used for inhouse research and delivered as a service to client.

Media monitoring & analysis: clients commission a range of services - media tracking, media analysis, and media management, all of which require the exchange and sharing of articles from news, magazine or online sources.

Reporting and general office use: digital or hardcopy use of extracts, attachments, images, graphs, and tables in emails, intranet and business reports.

A ContentAccess copyright licence delivers a comprehensive compliance & communication platform for copying and sharing news and magazine articles, internet material and other published content:

  • Instant compliance for how staff and business systems may already be using copyright material
  • Empower communications to internally, and externally to clients with the appropriate rights
  • Strengthen good corporate governance profile while mitigating your infringement risk

Are you a PRIA Registered Consultancies Group member? If so, you're eligible for a 10% discount on the annual licence fee. For more info, see PRIA Registered Consultancies Group

ContentAccess Brochure PDF | 522kB


Is your Organisation Infringing Copyright? PDF | 111kB
Introduction to Copyright Law in Australia PDF | 72kB


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