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RightsPortal FAQs

Why do I need to buy a licence to share an article?

All published material is protected by copyright and therefore, unless the rights holder has specified otherwise, a licence is required to re-use the material. This includes posting an article on a website, sharing it by email or using it in a presentation or report.

What is the RightsPortal?

The Copyright Agency’s RightsPortal is designed to offer pay-per-use licences for copyright materials, mostly newspaper and journal articles, to meet users’ specific needs. Copyright Agency can also facilitate pay-per-use licensing for books and other content, such as visual content, website content and digital materials.

What am I buying?

When you buy a Copyright Agency pay-per-use licence through the RightsPortal, you are buying the rights to reuse and share copyright content that you might have found online or in print. This could be as simple as permission to photocopy a newspaper article or a journal article for sharing with others. A licence is required for most re-uses of copyright material – such as posting on a website, sharing by email or using in a presentation or report. The licence terms and conditions are based on the type and duration of use.

Copyright Agency does not supply copies of newspaper articles or journal content. To obtain a copy of the content for which you have purchased a licence, you will need to contact the publisher directly.

How long does the licence last?

The duration of the licence is determined by options you choose in your application and is included in the terms and conditions. It would usually be for the one event or nominated usage (i.e. a quantity of photocopies) or for a specified length of time (i.e. three month posting on website). A pay-per-use licence is not a perpetual right.

What can I use under a pay-per-use licence?

A Copyright Agency pay-per-use licence provides quick and easy re-use rights options for organisations and individuals to copy and share specific content for one-off or multiple re-uses from the following:

  • ·         News: Sourcing content from newspapers is crucial for business intelligence. Secure permission to re-use valuable news content for your business requirements.

  • ·         Journals: Industry-specific knowledge can make you stand out from the crowd. Acquire re-use rights for scientific, technical and medical (STM) journals for both electronic and print content.

  • ·         Other: Secure one-off or multiple re-use rights from a diverse selection of resources, including books, historical documents and magazine articles.

How do I buy a licence?

  • ·         Having identified the article or work you want to re-use, visit the RightsPortal site.

  • ·         Tell us what you intend to do with the content. Once you provide this information, we will let you know if the use is permitted and provide you with a price.

  • ·         Go through the online checkout process to pay for the licence.

How much will the licence cost?

The licence fee depends on a number of variables including: the publication type, what you intend to do with the material and how long you want to use it for. For example, your organisation may want to post a news article from The Sydney Morning Herald to your organisation’s website. Posting this article on your organisation’s website for 3 months will cost approximately $400 excl GST.

You will be provided with a cost prior to making the purchase and you do not need an account to enquire about prices.

Are there conditions attached to this licence?

Yes. As you go through the online licence sale process, you will be presented with a copy of the standard terms and conditions for all copyright material provided by the Copyright Agency. In addition, some rights holders may attach extra conditions for their content. These will also be made available to you during the online process and prior to you making payment. We suggest you keep a copy of these details for your records.

In addition, embedded content within an article (graphs, cartoons or photographs) may not be included within the terms of the licence agreement and may need to be licensed separately prior to use.

What is an annual licence?

Annual licences are designed to meet the changing needs of information users in the digital age, offering protection for yourself and your organisation while still respecting the rights of copyright owners. An annual licence provides you with the freedom and flexibility to easily bundle rights to share published content from a variety of sources.

Do I need a pay-per-use licence if I already have an annual licence?

In some instances, businesses need to use content outside their existing annual licence agreement with Copyright Agency. For example, if you are operating under a statutory copying agreement, or a Copyright Agency CopyrightAccess licence and need to copy more than 10% or one chapter of a work, you may be able to use the RightsPortal to gain permission to copy the content needed.

What can I license online now?

You can licence Copyright Agency pay-per-use licences for a wide range of Australian newspaper content and global STM journal content.

If pricing is not immediately available, what can I do?

The RightsPortal will provide all users with the opportunity to secure rights through two different channels:

  • 1.       An online facility to process rights requests and fulfilment immediately

  • 2.       An online enquiry form to efficiently handle manual rights clearance enquiries

Some publishers or content owners may choose to manage rights enquiries directly. If this is the case, automatic pricing will not be available and users will need to complete an enquiry form. A response will be returned to you as soon as we hear back from the publisher.

For journal clearance requests you will be able to track any pending requests on your account, and you will receive an update as soon as there is a response from the publisher.

Will Copyright Agency try to secure licences if they can’t be cleared immediately?

Copyright Agency will endeavour to have all rights applications cleared as soon as possible.

Further Questions

Please contact our Business Licensing Team on 1800 066 844 (toll free within Australia) or 02 9394 7600. You can also email us at