Do I need and Licence?

Find out if you need a copyright licence - Take the stress test...

Does any person in your organisation receive, or subscribe to, industry journals or trade magazines, either in hardcopy or online?

Does any part of your organisation access or subscribe to content databases (news, Journals, legal, tax, standards, market research, company data etc)?

Does your organisation have scanners and/or photocopiers?

Does your organisation provide internet access to employees?

Does your organisation have an active intranet or other central electronic resource where material may be posted and accessed by employees?

Do employees in your organisation use email as part of their job?

Does your organisation maintain a library or other central information resource?

Does anyone in your organisation receive press clippings from a media monitoring agency or any other source?

Do employees in your organisation use the internet for any of the following?

Gathering information on your competitors
Researching sales leads
Keeping abreast of industry news
Product research
Keeping up to date with general news
Accessing subscriptions & databases